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   An all around great performance muffler that does not mess around when it comes to quality and sound.
  First Split flow muffler on the market. There is no other muffler quite like the Kamikaze High Performance Muffler. Get that deep throttle tone without the compromising your vehicle's performance. Kamikaze has changed the history of performance mufflers. Kamikaze has engineered a self-tuning, cool flow, high performance muffler. This allows far more precise tuning management and improves flow. Realize the full potential of a properly tuned muffler.

-Kamikaze Muffler 
   With our straight through design, high temperature fiber, 304 stainless mesh and netting, our Max Series is built to perform. Fully mandrel bent for maximum flow, and A 409 stainless body so it’s built to last. All our Max Series come with a lifetime warranty.

​​-Wickedflow Max
     Wickedflow’s Full Blown is our chambered muffler. Made of aluminized materials, so it’s built to last a lifetime. It offers that deep throating sound.

​-Full Blown

The History behind

   Wickedflow was founded by an avid racing enthusiast. He then brought the experience of the motor cross world to the automotive exhaust industry. With aggressive top of the line patented products and improved designs, you will find the right wicked sound for you!