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The Kamikaze Muffler

View our Wicked Flow Performance Muffler lines. Kamikaze, Full Blown, and Max Racing Series.

Check out our Stainless Steel Demon Packs

A wide variety of high quality stainless exhaust tips.

The Kamikaze Muffler

The Kamikaze Muffler is the next step in performance. It’s universal design allows the Kamikaze to fit on most applications. The Kamikaze is engineered as a maximum cool-flowing, scavenge inducing muffler that increase your vehicle’s performance and with it being all stainless steel it is a very durable. Besides performance, The Kamikaze Muffler will also give your vehicle a deep, aggressive sound with no drone inside the cab. 

Wicked Flow 

We love exhaust here at Wicked Flow! That is why we strive everyday to better our products. Using high quality materials and testing our mufflers frequently ensures that. We want our cars to sound mean and perform like they should.  We want them to stay Wicked.


All products that Wicked Flow offers are made of high quality stainless steel. Why do that? So that the Wicked Flow products that you install will last and perform the way it should. So enjoy your car, now that it has that AGGRESSIVE WICKED SOUND you've been searching for.

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